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Comrades in Hope (Sons of the Starfarers, #2) Joe Vasicek

Comrades in Hope (Sons of the Starfarers, #2)

Joe Vasicek

Kindle Edition
137 pages
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 About the Book 

WAR BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER, BUT ONLY HOPE CAN UNITE THEM—IF ITS NOT TOO LATEWar has come to the Outworlds. An Imperial expeditionary force has taken the frontier systems and threatens to strike at the heart of the New Pleiades. The only thing standing in their way is a ragtag flotilla of starfarers and merchanters, their motives as varied as the stars from which they hail.Aaron Deltana can barely speak the same language as his Outworld comrades, but he isnt about to let that stop him. Though he has no military training or combat experience, hes determined to prove his valor. Besides, the Imperials have taken something very dear to him—something that he has sworn to take back.He isnt the only one with a score to settle. Mara Soladze, the only other Deltan in the Flotilla, has vowed revenge on the Imperials for killing her father. Where Aaron hopes to prove himself, though, Mara fully expects to die—and her fate is tied to his.Aaron isnt prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, but when the war turns against them, it looks as if he may not have a choice. Only one hope stands between him and death inSONS OF THE STARFARERSBOOK II: COMRADES IN HOPE