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Alchemy Of The Word: Writers Talk About Writing Aimee Liu

Alchemy Of The Word: Writers Talk About Writing

Aimee Liu

Published July 11th 2011
ISBN : 9780982655641
240 pages
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 About the Book 

A book like no other, from a writing program like no other. In this remarkable collection of essays, twenty-five acclaimed novelists, poets, playwrights, memoirists, cross-genre and nonfiction writers engage the reader in a virtual literary conversation, filled with passion, insight, wit, and warmth. The Goddard MFA was the first low-residency program in creative writing- now there are around fifty operating in the United States. Program Director, Paul Selig says, What greeted me at my first Goddard residency was the kind of community I had never dreamed possible...the faculty-well, they were teachers of the first order, and I found their dedication to shepherding a new generation of writers came from a place of deep generosity, wisdom and integrity. Alchemy of the Word introduces you to this faculty-not through their writing tips, tricks, and exercises, but through their experiences of themselves as professional writers living in the world, tackling issues they care about deeply and reporting back. To read this anthology is to travel to the wellsprings of literary inspiration, and to eavesdrop on a room full of mentors. Words become us. Our lives become words. So begins the introduction to this powerful collection. The essays that follow are eclectic and range from the practical to the mystical, the humorous to the scientific, and the political to the personal. Throughout, each essay explores, exhorts, inspires, and exhilarates...illustrating in its own distinctive way the transformative power of language: the alchemy of the word. -- taken from publisher website.