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A Coded Hero August K. Whitlock

A Coded Hero

August K. Whitlock

ISBN : 9781418431631
388 pages
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 About the Book 

Daryl Cross has lived by a code of youth for years: drink and party while were still young Yet that code has locked him into a world of alcoholism he cant seem to escape, although his life seemed perfect in every way. He has the perfect mentor, Grace, who tries to steer him from drinking and ruining his life. He has the perfect father: a prominent minister who serves his church and community faithfully. He has the perfect wife, Karen, beautiful in appearance and perfect in personality. He has the perfect best friend, Jim Hatcher, who partied with him when they were younger and married Daryls ex-girlfriend, Betsy. But Betsy was anything than perfect. Tall, slender and curvy, Betsy Hatcher was the kind of woman Daryl had trouble saying no to, even at the expense of his marriage. She used her body, her dominance of their previous relationship over him. She used Karen Cross, her best friend, to silence him about their affair, and alcohol to seduce him. Then there was David Cross: Daryls seemingly perfect brother who committed the most treacherous act a brother can do, and finally revealed the dirty little secret Daryls perfect family has been hiding from him for years. a coded hero is Daryls account of his last few months as an alcoholic before his life came to a near sudden end.